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      January 28, 2024

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Below are some highlighted events. Please check our current calendar and newsletter for more.

You Are Not Alone

Saturday, Feb. 3 from 9am-1pm
at Rosehill Community Center

The Snohomish County Youth Suicide Prevention Taskforce is hosting a youth suicide prevention event February 3rd, 2024 at Rosehill Community Center in Mukilteo.

There will be workshops, resources, art, therapy dogs and more. We hope to provide much support.

Click here for more information.

Theology Pub

1st Sunday of Each Month from 2-3:30pm
at Mukilteo Lodge Sports Grille

So what is Theology Pub? In a nutshell, it’s people sitting around a table, talking about issues of faith and philosophy, ethics and ideas over a beverage.

It is a safe space, where people can be open and honest about topics of faith, ask any questions, and at the end of the night, know that it’s perfectly fine if we disagree with one another.

In other words, this isn’t church, and no one is going to make anyone pray, sign a faith statement, or tithe (though be sure to tip the bartender!)

And to be clear, beer is not a requirement!

Non-alcoholic beverages are available too.

All are welcome, regardless of beverage choice.

In its simplest form:

Theology Pub is open conversation about stuff that matters over a good beverage.